John Berg

CEO and co-founder

John has over 10 years’ experience from management and business development positions in the staffing industry. He holds a Master of Management from Norwegian Business School, Oslo.



Eivind Austbø

Head of Finance

Eivind is an experienced financial effectiveness and BI advisor from PWC, and a MSc of Finance from the Long Island University, NY.



Krister Vistnes

Head of Digital

Krister is a former product manager from Altibox, and a former Capgemini consultant, with a MSc in International Business from Copenhagen Business School.



Ahsan Javed Hassan

Head of Real Estate

Ahsan is an experienced real estate agent and an entrepreneur and holds a BSc in Real Estate from Norwegian Business School, Oslo.


Christer Eskedal

Christer Eskedal

Head of Rental

Christer was previously Head of Operations at Tufte Wear AS, and has extensive experience from telecom, real estate management and technology. He holds a BSc in sports administration from the College of Telemark.



Michal Warcaba

Head of Development

Michal is an entrepreneur, musician, HR consultant and developer with work experience both from Poland and Norway. He holds a Master of Arts from the Feliks Nowowiejski Academy of Music.



Artur Tritt

Head of Customer Success

Artur heads our Customer Success department, and is experienced in quality assurance and management from the food production and restaurant industry. He holds a MSc in Wood Science from the The Poznań University of Life Sciences.